Mogul Distillery

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to serve or sell spirits from our location at this time. Tasting room to open in late 2017.

About Us

Born and raised in Indiana, James Jones and Anthony Joseph started Mogul Distillery in 2013.  What started as a personal hobby turned into a business, and both knew their product and brand would stand out against the fray. They spent years of perfecting their recipe and process, to ensure they had something that was truly unique, smooth, and genuine.  Using small-batches, the two were able to control each detail in the process, ensuring consistency and flavor were maintained in each batch.
Mogul Distillery cannot serve direct to the public (on-site) at this time due to limitations within the law, but have plans for on-site sales within the next 2 years.  Find us at your local liquor store or cocktail bar!

Anthony and James, Owners at Mogul Distillery

Anthony and James, Owners at Mogul Distillery

5320 W 79th St
Indianapolis, IN 


Distilled in Indianapolis

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