Mogul Distillery

To be considered a Mogul of your industry is to be considered the best. Mogul Distillery stands for the journey from nothing to something great. We take simple corn, and create premium spirits for the world to enjoy

Signature Mogul Cocktails

2oz Mogul Gin®
0.75oz lemon juice
0.75oz simple syrup
Basil leaf
Top with Sprite

Mogul Mule
1.5oz Mogul Vodka®
0.5oz lime juice
Top with ginger beer (Gosling Ginger Beer)
Mix with ice

Apple Jack
1oz Mogul Vodka®
1oz cinnamon whiskey
3oz apple cider
0.5oz simple syrup

Midwest Sunset
2oz Mogul Vodka®
0.75oz lemon juice
1.5oz grapefruit juice
0.5oz Wilks & Wilson Orgeat®
Mix over ice

Harvey Wallbanger
1.25oz Mogul Vodka®
3oz Orange Juice
Mix over ice
0.25oz Galliano liqueur

Kremlin Colonel
3oz Mogul Vodka®
1/2 Fresh Squeezed Lime
0.5oz Simple Syrup
3 Mint Leaves

How to Order a Martini

Step 1: Vodka or Gin
Know if you prefer vodka or gin.  Gin  is made with botanicals, and will give the martini additional flavor.  A classic martini is made with gin, but there's no right answer. 

Step 2:  Vermouth; Dry or Wet
Vermouth is a type of fortified wine made with botanicals. A Dry Martini is just a splash of Vermouth, where a Wet Martini is more vermouth than vodka/gin. 

Step 3: Shaken or Stirred
Shaken, made popular by James Bond, just means the martini is chilled with a traditional cocktail shaker and vigorously shaken to chill.  This causes the ice to break, and can yield additional water to the martini, and also possibly ice chards.  Stirred means the martini is chilled by stirring with a spoon for approximately 30 secs instead.

Step 4: Up or On The Rocks
Ordering a martini Up means you want it in the traditional martini glass with the long stem and no ice.  On The Rocks is served in a tumbler glass with ice, which will add water to the drink as it melts. 

Step 5: Dirty or With A Twist
Dirty adds a splash of olive juice to the martini.  Really Dirty means add more olive juice. You can also ask for olive to come with your martini.  With A Twist is garnished with a citrus peel instead of an olive, and gives the drink a little added sweetness. 

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Mogul Vodka® & Mogul Gin® are both a product of Mogul Distillery™